What’s trending in 2019 yearbooks

Presented by Gary Lundgren at the 2019 workshop

Presented by Gary Lundgren, NSPA associate director, at the yearbook opening general session. Click on the image to download a PDF of the presentation.


  • Concept-driven sections
  • Dynamic theme copy presentation
  • Fewer images, large dominant photos
  • Detailed contents listings
  • Jump coverage
  • Verbal/visual connections
  • Bold typography and hand-lettering
  • Bright colors, duotones, transparency
  • Big, bold hyphenated words
  • Multi-spread divider packages
  • Strategic use of black and white
  • Whole-book type and color palettes
  • Text, insets, overlaps on the dominant
  • Extreme horizontal crops
  • Partial photo cut-outs


  • Tiny photos and group shots where you can’t see the faces
  • Clusters of more than three captions
  • Crowded framing margins
  • Lack of expanded spacing
  • Avoiding traditional feature stories entirely