Yearbook Courses

Yearbook Boot Camp

Instructor: Margie Raper, Leland Mallett

Created for yearbook rookies, this boot camp will prepare students to be contributing members of the staff on the first day of school. Among the topics to be covered are yearbook terminology, parts of the spread, creative coverage topics, sources and interviewing techniques, and basic design. Students will be drilled in writing traditional and alternative copy, headlines and captions. During the evening work sessions, boot campers will meet with editors and other staff members to plan the 2018 yearbook.

SUPPLIES: Magazines, rulers, glue sticks, colored markers, copies of your yearbook, scissors, construction paper, style sheet for yearbook, notebook paper, staff manual, one three-ring binder per staff member, clear-view-top-loading sheets and plain white paper for the staff resource notebook. If you bring a computer, make sure you know how to use the software and have some images preloaded to use in your mock designs.

Yearbook Design and Concepts

Instructor: Tamra McCarthy

This class is for yearbook staffers who want to learn everything to make a great spread, from conception to completion. The class will cover all aspects of yearbook design, including stories, captions, sidebars and headlines. Software will not be a part of the instruction. Students will need to have a solid working knowledge of the design program their school uses. While laptops will make designing and editing design easier, students without computers will be required hand draw and create paste-ups.

SUPPLIES: Laptop/computer with software loaded and blank template on desktop (two students from the same staff may share one computer), newest yearbook, thumb drive, your yearbook company’s idea book, current magazines, Pinterest board of design ideas and/or graphic notebook with pictures of sidebars, headline treatments, caption designs, any design you would like to create, an electronic file of 20-30 action photos to be used in computer mock designs, pens/pencil and paper. Students without laptops will need scissors, yearbook layout sheets and glue sticks.

Yearbook Editorial Leadership

Instructors: Martha Akers, Cindy Todd, Becky Tate

This course is designed for the top editors on the staff. Students will use the latest trends to improve concept, content, design and format, and they will discuss editorial leadership skills. Students will complete a theme packet and mock designs.

SUPPLIES: Laptop loaded with software and fonts, copy of your yearbook, well-designed magazines (for inspiration) and your style sheet and staff manual, candid images to use in your mock designs, external hard drive or thumb drive.