Online Publishing and Video Courses

Online Publishing

Instructor: Jennifer DeLafuente

Students will learn about publishing stories for the web and mobile storytelling. They will produce an original story during the workshop, writing, shooting photos or video, and doing all their reporting using just a mobile phone. Students will also learn basic code (HTML and CSS) and create their own webpage for their story. We’ll also talk about storytelling techniques for social media, online tools you can use to create maps, graphics, or other simple interactive content, and tips on how to do more on the web.

SUPPLIES: A laptop with a text editor installed. Either Sublime Text ( or Brackets ( Students should also have smartphones with a camera.

Beginning Video

Instructor: Jim McCarthy

This course is designed for entry-level students with photography experience. We will cover video reporting basics, including story structure, story planning, sequencing basic shots, sound design, and editing workflow. Students will produce an original story by the end of the course.

SUPPLIES: Video camera, tripod, microphone, audio cables, headphones, charged batteries camera, tapes or memory cards, computer with editing software, card reader, any cables required for editing (firewire, USB,etc.), external hard drive, notepad, pen/pencil.

Advanced Video

Instructor: Don Goble

For those of you who have the video fundamentals down of shooting and editing, we want to push you to the next level in what you can accomplish in your visual storytelling.

In this advanced video course, we will cover advanced reporting techniques and story structure, videography, sound design, lighting, editing workflow, and ultimately produce multiple stories, which will be published online. We will also discuss effective ways to build staff leadership and plan for your upcoming school year.

The emphasis of this course is on crafting a broadcast news story, NOT on how to use equipment.  Make sure that you are familiar with ALL of your equipment. Be sure to connect your camera to your computer and test that it can capture and export footage, and that YOU know how to do it! We may not be familiar with your specific cameras, computers and editing software, so we might not be able to help you should a problem arise.

SUPPLIES: Video camera, tripod, microphone, audio cables and headphones, charged batteries for your camera, memory cards for recording your footage, computer with editing software you are familiar with, card reader (if your camera uses memory cards), any cables required for editing (firewire, USB, etc.), external hard drive and cables (if needed for editing), notepad, pen/pencil for writing your voice over and taking notes.