Newspaper Courses

Newspaper Boot Camp

Instructor: Dean Hume

This class is for newspaper staffers who will get their first exposure to journalism while writing for their school paper. This session will focus on giving students skills to survive that first assignment and to become a meaningful contributor from the first deadline. The instructor will focus on news gathering, interviewing, news writing techniques and other skills necessary to equip any top-notch school news reporter.

SUPPLIES: Pens, reporter’s notepads and copies of your high school newspaper.

Feature Writing

Instructors: Bobby Hawthorne, Lori Oglesbee-Peter

Advanced Feature Writing will concentrate on coverage, including human interest stories, personality profiles and in-depth interpretive features. It is relevant to newspaper and yearbook, and it is useful for broadcast and online as it relates to narrative and voice. It is not intended for beginners.

SUPPLIES: Paper, pen, copies of your newspaper, laptop, recorder

Specialized Writing

Instructor: David Knight, Scott Winter

Specialized Writing is designed for the experienced staffer who is interested in in-depth reporting, packaging and column writing.

SUPPLIES: Paper, pen, copies of your newspaper, laptop, recorder

Newspaper Editorial Leadership

Instructor: Corey Hale

Newspaper Editorial Leadership is designed for editors. This class is designed to get incoming editors-in-chief fully prepared to lead their respective staffs when school begins. The instructor will guide students through discussions of newspaper coverage, story-telling methods and issue driven coverage, story development, creative design, and planning and production methods — all designed to make you a powerful leader whose newspaper is valued — read and enjoyed — by your school community.

SUPPLIES: Editorial policies of your newspaper, style rules for your publication, school calendar, several copies of last year’s newspaper, laptop, design sources (newspapers and magazines) and paper/writing utensils.