Registration checklist for 2022

The workshop registration site is now live for advisers and students. The deadline for workshop registration is June 15.

Here is a checklist of decisions required while completing the form. Having this information ready will make the registration process easier —

Workshop Course (required)

Please read the detailed course descriptions to guide your selections. Select one course. The $125 workshop registration fee covers this course.

Sunday Bonus Class (optional)

Schools arriving at the workshop before 6 p.m. on Sunday, June 26, have the opportunity to attend bonus classes. Please read the detailed bonus class descriptions to guide your selections. The extra cost for the bonus class is $20 per person.

Meet the Expert (optional)

Nationally acclaimed scholastic journalism educators are available to meet individually with publication staffs. Advisers sign up for each session, although the entire staff attends. Please read the Meet the Expert consultant bios and other information to guide your selections. The cost is $75 for each 50-minute session.

Workshop T-shirt (optional)

Order your Gloria Shields NSPA Media Workshop branded “PRESS” T-shirt. The shirt is white with red, blue and gold applied. The extra cost is $20 each. 

Payment (required)

Registrants select one of three options. Credit cards are accepted. Have your card handy. Checks are welcome and must be received before the workshop. Advisers may provide a school purchase order number.

Medical release form (required)

The Medical Release/Student Conduct form must be submitted by every student registering for the workshop. Please note that it requires medical information and insurance information as well as a parent/guardian signature. 

The completed form must be emailed to before the student travels to the workshop.

Gloria Shields NSPA Media Workshop
National Scholastic Press Association • • 612-200-9254