June 26, 2020


Frequently asked questions for this year’s workshop

When will we be getting our Zoom links for the sessions? 

Look for an email from Gloria Shields NSPA Media Workshop. Session links for Monday and Tuesday will go out Sunday.  Then we’ll be sending each day’s  links the two days beforeWe’re parceling them out to you this way so as not to overwhelm. So you’ll receive Wednesday’s schedule on Monday and Thursday’s schedule on Tuesday.

What’s it mean if I signed up my kids for coaching sessions?

It means rather than just watch the sessions, your kids will get to participate in afternoon sessions with our instructors where they’ll get assignments to work on that will prepare them for the school year.  Each afternoon, they’ll get additional instruction as well as one-on-one and small group feedback on assignments.

What do I get if I paid only $25? 

You’ll get Zoom links for each day’s morning sessions where you can pick from a wide range of scholastic journalism topics from some of the nation’s best instructors. You’ll also get Zoom links for the opening session as well as an overall theme session on Monday afternoon. 

Can I share a class link with another student?

No! All registered students and advisers will receive emails with links to the sessions. Students who have not registered are not allowed to watch the sessions.

How do I ask a question during a morning class?

You can ask your question in a chat and the assistant can answer or you can wait until the Q&A time at the end of class.

How do I know which morning sessions to watch?

The targeted audience is listed at the end of each class description. If you registered for coaching, your coach will suggest which sessions will be most beneficial to you. Students who registered for morning sessions only can select one class to watch each hour.

Will videos be recorded so I can go back and watch later? 

No, consider them live sessions only.  While we may record, those videos are only for safety purposes. 

What if I need tech help with my Zoom?

If you have technical problems you can email nspa1@studentpress.org. 

Do I need Zoom loaded on my computer?

You can use the Zoom application on your computer or mobile device/tablet but you will also be able to view the Zoom session through your web browser.

What if I connect to the Zoom meeting and I can’t hear anything?

Sometimes Zoom will try to play sound through a device connected to your computer that isn’t the correct output. You can always click on Settings and check your sound output device or you can click on the ^ symbol next to the microphone and select the sound input and output devices you want to use.  

Do advisers get professional development credit? How will they get a certificate?

Yes, advisers who registered for the coaching track will receive 24 hours of staff development credit, and advisers who signed up for morning sessions only will receive 12 hours. Certificates will be emailed after the workshop.

What will I need for the coaching sessions? 

Depends upon the coaching track you’ve chosen. 

Access to a computer with the class-specific software loaded. Publication Design students should have some layout software such as InDesign or a yearbook company design program. 

Videographers and photographers should have a camera (DSLR preferably) with a memory card. 

Any camera, lens, flashes or any other equipment you may have questions about we can use our coaching session to discuss specific issues related to your questions or concerns. 

You’ll need to be able to upload images from your camera to the computer.

The coaches will provide sharing instructions during Monday’s coaching time. 


With the Yearbook Theme Development class so large, how do I know which coach I should join?

Theme development students have been assigned to coaches by schools. Here’s our breakdown. 

Charla Harris
Glenbrook South
Smithson Valley
Scottsdale Christian Academy
James Clemens

Becky Tate
Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Geneva School of Boerne
Platte County
Westfield Middle School

Cindy Todd
Shawnee Mission Northwest
Lake Ridge
Liberty North
Flower Mound
Klein Collins

Alyssa Boehringer
Shawnee Mission East
Shawnee Mission North
Colonial Forge
Texas High
Palos Verdes

Tamra McCarthy
Shawnee Mission South 
Corning-Painted Post
Lee’s Summit

Gloria Shields/NSPA Media Workshop
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