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The workshop curriculum features 17 specialized courses for high school students working on online sites, newspapers and yearbooks. Each student will enroll in one course for the duration of the workshop. Care should be taken to select courses that match the experience level of each student. Some classes require laptops and other equipment essential for participation. Some classes are limited to just editors.

The workshop registration fee is $125 per attendee and does not cover lodging or food. Advisers bringing 12 or more students will have the $125 workshop registration fee waived.


  • Teacher’s Workshop


  • Publication Design
  • Beginning Adobe InDesign
  • Advanced Adobe InDesign


  • Newspaper Boot Camp
  • Feature Writing
  • Specialized Writing
  • Newspaper Editorial Leadership

Online Publishing, Video

  • Online Publishing
  • Beginning Video
  • Advanced Video


  • Beginning Photography
  • Intermediate Photography

Advanced Photography


  • Yearbook Boot Camp
  • Yearbook Design and Concepts
  • Yearbook Editorial Leadership